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I have always been someone who is incredibly dedicated to protecting my appearance, which is one of the reasons I started visiting with my dermatologist in the first place. I wanted to be able to work with my doctor to keep my skin youthful and beautiful, and before I knew it, he was helping me with everything from wrinkles to adult acne. It has been really incredible to see just how much of a difference great dermatology has made for me, and now I can honestly say that I am committed to a lifetime of great skincare. Check out this website for awesome tips on dermatology.



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How To Make Sure You Receive Enough Botox

You may love the ways in which your most recent botox injection changed how you look. However, you will need to be careful. While some botox can have an amazing impact on your appearance, you can also go too far. For this reason, you should consider having your botox injections performed by a licensed dermatologist.

Communicate with Your Dermatologist

Make sure to inform a new dermatologist you are working with of when your last botox injection was. You may accidentally receive more botox than you needed. Your dermatologist will understand how your face muscles work and will know what changes must be made to improve your appearance.

Keep Your Dermatologist Informed

Provide your dermatologist with helpful information that can allow him or her to determine how much of a botox injection you need. Explain what medications and supplements you are taking. Explain if you have any allergies or a medical condition. Explain if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or trying to conceive. All of these might affect your botox injection.

Have Your Botox Handled by a Professional

Do not have your botox handled by an amateur. Botox parties are a terrible idea and you may find yourself having more botox injected than you needed. You may end up with eyebrows that are high up on your forehead. You may also have a face that is less expressive.

Get Botox Without Looking Like a Botox Patient

You will likely want to receive botox without looking like you have received botox. You will want your face to look naturally younger and to have a more relaxed and pleasant face. Fortunately, you can achieve this look by receiving less botox than you believe you need. Then, if you need more, you can always return for an additional injection.

Receive Botox by the Unit

To have more control over how much botox you receive, consider choosing a service that charges based on unit, rather than based on area. Then, you can increase the number of units until you achieve the results you are aiming for. You will also be able to keep your botox injection costs lower.

Consider Other Treatments

In some cases, botox is the best option to improve your appearance. In other cases, you are better off with other treatments, such as fillers. For this reason, you are better off working with a professional who will inspect your face and determine the perfect treatment.